Next-generation solutions for cultural heritage buildings

A significant percentage of the building stock in the European Union has heritage value.

However, historic buildings are heterogeneous, built with different materials and techniques, and therefore in need of different kinds of intervention.

INHERIT is an EU-co-funded project that addresses the challenges concerning the preservation, restoration, and management of cultural heritage buildings. It aims to foster their environmental and social sustainability while preserving their cultural heritage value.

Project outcomes

INHERIT uses an integrated methodology based on social, scientific, and technological processes. The methodology will generate outcomes on all three levels:

  • Societal outcomes

    INHERIT employs a multi-stakeholder approach to co-planning renovation. Cultural heritage sites will become more accessible, inclusive and open.
  • Scientific outcomes

    A technical methodology will be used to carry out a digitally based and heritage-friendly inspection. Cost-effective and viable solutions will be identified for the work on historic buildings.
  • Technological outcomes

    11 ICT-based services will be applied to 8 pilot cultural heritage sites for data collection and for the buildings’ renovation, preservation, management and monitoring.

Pilot sites

8 European cultural heritage sites will serve as testbeds of INHERIT’s solutions.

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