Croatian pilot leader (pilot 1)

REGEA (North-West Croatia Regional Energy and Climate Agency) is a public non-profit entity stablished under the umbrella of the Intelligent Energy Europe program by the City of Zagreb and three surrounding Counties in NW Croatia. REGEA drives the sustainable development of municipalities, cities, and regions, as well as supports its partners in the planning and execution of energy and climate projects and initiatives. It is the official partner of the New European Bauhaus initiative, National Contact Point for Croatia as well as coordinator of the National Platform for NEB of Croatia (established by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media).

Role in the project

REGEA will provide technical expertise in energy and climate adaptation planning, energy and resource efficient reconstruction/construction, use of green infrastructure, and sustainable supply of energy. REGEA will also help communicate with the key local stakeholders as well as the local, regional, and national institutions where necessary. It will contribute to social accessibility and inclusiveness at cultural heritage sites. The agency will also lead the INHERIT pilots’ operation and be responsible for the Croatian pilot (Pilot 1), at City Administration Headquarters in Jastrebarsko, Croatia. It will incorporate lessons learnt and additional knowledge from INHERIT for replication in other protected cultural heritage buildings.

Other partners of the project

INHERIT’s consortium gathers 18 partners from 13 European countries, involved in the project at various levels, covering the social, technological, and scientific layer, as well as the communication, dissemination and exploitation activities.