Riga Planning Region (RPR)

Latvian pilot leader (pilot 4)

Riga Planning Region is an socio-economic development agency. As such, it sets out the region’s development vision, objectives, and priorities. It identifies projects within the region, represents its interests (i.e. efficient use of energy) at nationally and internationally and it helps municipalities work together. The mission of the region is to coordinate and to promote long-term and well-balanced development of the Riga region by providing effective services to local inhabitants, NGOs, entrepreneurs and municipalities.

Role in the project

Riga Planning Region is responsible for Pilot 4 – The AVE SOL concert hall. Here, analyses of its renovation process and future maintenance aspects are needed. RPR will test data-driven energy management methods that can indicate the actions to improve the energy efficiency of the building and investigate transferability of the method to other buildings. INHERIT will provide different solutions to improve thermal comfort and will deploy different strategies to improve the inclusiveness of the site to make it more accessible.

Other partners of the project

INHERIT’s consortium gathers 18 partners from 13 European countries, involved in the project at various levels, covering the social, technological, and scientific layer, as well as the communication, dissemination and exploitation activities.