The Technoeconomics of Energy Systems laboratory (TEESlab) is an independent research unit within the University of Piraeus Research Centre (UPRC). It specialises in energy system modelling, policy analysis, and techno-economic assessment of energy systems. TEESlab-UPRC investigates innovative and sustainable business models and studies critical issues of the transition to climate neutrality by 2050. It has developed the TEESlab Modelling suite (TEEM) to answer complex research questions regarding energy efficiency and sustainable energy future. By participating in European-funded projects TEESlab supports a wide spectrum of stakeholders and end-users.

Role in the project

TEESlab is involved in: the development of the “design & renovation” services focusing on the modelling and simulation environment service and deploying the DREEM model; monitoring and evaluation of the implementation, operation and execution of the INHERIT solutions across the pilots; support the development of the INHERIT Hub; coordination of publication of scientific articles and production of dissemination boosters.

Other partners of the project

INHERIT’s consortium gathers 18 partners from 13 European countries, involved in the project at various levels, covering the social, technological, and scientific layer, as well as the communication, dissemination and exploitation activities.