With more than 13,000 staff and 42,000 students from 150 countries, UCL is London’s leading multidisciplinary university, founded in 1826. Its Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction (BSSC) is an international centre of excellence in the teaching and research of project management, real estate and economics and the automated digitization of existing built environment assets. BSSC has a research-active academic staff and a small team of contract research staff. Their work is published in leading journals in construction, project management, and management disciplines, and is engaged with government, industry, and institutions in knowledge development, transfer, and application.

Role in the project

UCL is responsible for developing AR-VR interfaces for heritage building design and renovation construction, Dr Weiwei Chen’s research group from BSSC will develop a ‘design & renovation’ service, i.e., the interactive screen use and AR-VR interfaces, which encompasses the hardware and software tools enabling H-BIM and digital twins. The work includes AR-based maintenance and renovation to reduce maintenance and renovation time and improve work quality, by providing the different maintenance/renovation scenarios in digital twins; AR-based human-machine interaction to support on-the-job training; and VR-based pre-intervention planning.

Other partners of the project

INHERIT’s consortium gathers 18 partners from 13 European countries, involved in the project at various levels, covering the social, technological, and scientific layer, as well as the communication, dissemination and exploitation activities.