Uppsala University

Swedish pilot leader (pilot 7)

Uppsala University (UU) participates in INHERIT via its Department of Earth Sciences and Department of Art History, Conservation. The Dept. of Earth Sciences’ main expertise encompasses: energy planning, environmental policy and management, multi-criteria analysis, energy transition management. The  Dept. of Art History, Conservation specialises in: building conservation, energy efficiency, indoor climate control, climate change adaption for historic buildings.

Role in the project

The UU team will be responsible for developing the decision-support tool for heritage building design and renovation construction, and it will lead the replication of the services across the pilots. It will also be responsible for Pilot 7 – City of Visby, Sweden.

Other partners of the project

INHERIT’s consortium gathers 18 partners from 13 European countries, involved in the project at various levels, covering the social, technological, and scientific layer, as well as the communication, dissemination and exploitation activities.