ELLET building in Tripodon street

Athens, Greece

History and features

The ELLET building is located in Tripodon Street, right under Athens’ Acropolis. Tripodon Street was once the centre of the city’s political and cultural life, and it was home to many of the city’s important public buildings, including the Agora (marketplace) and the Acropolis.

The ELLET building was dates back to the early 19th century and has two floors. The ground floor is used for seminars and events. The upstairs floor hosts offices.


INHERIT will optimise the overall energy performance of the building, respecting its architectural and cultural identity. Different renovation plans will be evaluated. The building performance will be improved through the installation of smart meters and sensors.

The existing equipment will be used to create activity and mobility patterns. Data by ELLET and other open data sources will be exploited to provide a GIS-based representation for sustainable heritage maintenance in Greece.

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