Le Printemps de Metz landmark building

Metz, France

History and features

The “Le Printemps de Metz” building, surrounded by many historical constructions (such as Saint Etienne Cathedral and Notre Dame Church), was previously used as a shopping centre.
Through the city’s ‘Plan de Sauvegarde et de Mise en Valeur’ (safeguard and enhancement plan), it will be rehabilitated and transformed into housing and shops.


The commercial building will be transformed into family housing, with housing units, two commercial cells and a car park, a bicycle space, and vegetal patches.
The ground floor will be fully greened and exterior spaces will be developed to give an access outside to as many housing units as possible.
The project also applies thermal insulation inside the building to allow the preservation of the historical façades; heat pumps, with a water/air system for the housing units and an air/air system for the commercial units; and lastly, hot water provided by individual thermodynamic units.

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